Training Aids





















Students will have access to numerous training aids in order to help them feel the correct movements and help speed up improvement.  Training aids can be a critical component of learning better technique, as they force the player out of their comfort zone – but in a good way!  In addition, video analysis will be a key component of every lesson so that students can visually understand the flaws in technique and have a better mental picture of what needs to happen to get better.

Here are a few of the training aids employed by Mark Russo, PGA for lessons:

  • Video Analysis w/ Hudl Technique
  • Tour Striker 7 Iron
  • Tour Striker Plane Board & Impact Trainer
  • Tour Striker Educator
  • Tour Striker Smart Ball
  • Orange Whip Trainer
  • Orange Peel Trainer
  • Orange Whip Magic Wand Putter
  • Eyeline Golf Products
  • Full Length Mirror
  • Alignment Rods
  • Trajectory Goal
  • Foam Noodles
  • Putting Mirror
  • Putting Rails
  • Landing Targets for Chipping & Pitching
  • Golfer’s Toolbox
  • Hockey Sticks