My Students Say

“Mark has helped my game drastically.  I’ve gone from not keeping score at all on the course to trying to break 90.  Mark doesn’t try to mold your swing to some cookie cutter mold, but rather adapts your swing so you can enjoy the sport to the best of your ability.  What I love about Mark is that he uses the latest technology as a tool rather than a crutch.  Through various equipment and training aids, we were able to work on everything from my trail arm positioning to body weight and pressure dispersion.  we can go from using something as simple as a pool noodle to something as advanced as BodiTrak.  As a coach, Mark is willing to use anything to help his students improve.  

Mark breaks everything down in a language that easily translates.  After each lesson he sends a video recap that I can watch at home so I can further improve my game.  From full swing to chipping and pitching to putting, Mark can help anyone.  What makes Mark so unique is that he cares about more than just your golf swing.  He cares about you as a person.  Our relationship has grown from coach and student to one of sincere friendship.”

VJ, Laurel, MD

“I have taken lessons from 6 other instructors in the past 5 years of playing golf. By far, Mark has helped my game more than anyone in a shorter period of time.  As a solid 15 handicap, I used to struggle with hitting greens in regulation.  Immediately after my lesson, I was going right at pins, scoring 2 birdies on par 3’s – amazing feeling right there!  To finally be able to work with TrackMan was not only very cool, but an eye opening experience.  The follow-up video and lesson notes Mark sent me were really helpful too!”

Shawn E., Berlin, MD

“I have been working with Mark for 7 months now and it has been a fantastic experience. It truly is a coaching partnership and his attention to detail in every lesson shows just how passionate he is about improving your game. If you need help with your golf game, get a lesson from Mark. If you truly want to get better at the game, then become a long term student. You won’t be disappointed.”
Dustin H., Virginia Beach, VA


“I love Mark’s approach to golf. A lot of instructors seem to have a “cookie cutter” approach, as they seem to teach everyone the same swing. After an assessment with the use of Trackman, Mark was able to put me in a swing that focuses on MY strengths.  Together, Mark and I were able to rebuild my swing, and in one season shaved 3 strokes off my game. I’ve had a great time working with Mark, and feel that we have not only developed a very effective player/coach relationship, but friendship as well. If you are willing to put the work in, Mark is the right instructor for you.”

Jon M., Crofton, MD

“Mark not only recognized my faults immediately, but he has been able to explain – clearly and concisely – the problems and the corrective measures to be taken. He has given me simple exercises and has uncomplicated my swing-thought process to the point that I can see real improvement in my game.  Most importantly, Mark’s relaxed style and friendly approach to teaching has made learning from him fun. I plan to continue to take advantage of his knowledge, expertise, and gracious teaching style going forward – as I continue the search for that ever-elusive perfect golf swing.”

Charles O. Heller, Ph. D., President, Annapolis Capital Group / Author, “Prague: My Long Journey Home

“Mark is an outstanding golf professional and teacher. After years of struggling with a high handicap. I gave up trying to improve on my own and signed up      for Mark’s six month golf improvement program. We worked together and re-built my swing, including the short game and bunker play, from the ground up. Mark has an excellent eye for analyzing a golf swing, kept me focused on the fundamentals, and completely transformed my swing and my game!”

M. Collins, Collins Consulting Group