Coaching Philosophy

At MR Instruction, every player is evaluated using the Communication Protocol.  The Communication Protocol is my approach to evaluating every portion of a player’s golf game, physical makeup, and mental outlook using three (3) distinct areas: DATA, ASSESSMENT, and GOAL SETTING.

The DATA phase will involve testing in all areas of the game.  The long game and wedge game will be tested using TrackMan radar technology to get a clear picture of swing proficiency.  Then, putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker play will be tested using a variety of short game set ups that will produce a points score.  These scores and TrackMan testing will be used to produce a baseline that will give the coach and player an idea of the starting point in the physical portion of the game.

The ASSESSMENT phase will involve the coach and player going over various areas of their current physical make up, as well as their golfing history.  Students will be given a TPI screening to check for any physical limitations within their body that could have an influence on game improvement.  Golfing history will be gone over to better understand a timeline for past improvement, as well as go over current life scheduling and practice to play ratio.  In addition, students will take a short mental skills test to better ascertain how they learn and how they think in certain situations.  These areas are every bit as critical to improvement as swinging the golf club.

The final phase is GOAL SETTING.  This is where all of the DATA and ASSESSMENT information will be utilized, as personal golfing goals will be verbalized and a time table set for improvement.  Short term and long term goals will be used in order to properly track progress, and re-testing will be done and compared to the original baseline testing to chart progress.  The coach and player will work together to find the next level that best suits the player, and carefully lay out what must be done to get to the next step in the process.

We then take this information and go to the golf course, tracking your shots from the tee to the green, to discover how you transfer your skills to actual play.  Taking this information, we detail a practice plan that is geared specifically to you and attacking your weaknesses, so that we are working to make a difference where it matters: the scorecard.

As a coach, I want to create long lasting relationships with my students whenever possible.  I also want to work within the frame work of what YOU do in your game, not within a a method or philosophy ill fitted for your body and time restraints.  That commitment to improvement and to one another helps create a foundation for success in life and on the golf course, and will lead students to their ultimate goals and dreams.